School Chess League Principals

Are you an innovator? Are your school's critical thinking initiatives on the cutting edge? Do parents see your school as “The School” to send their children to? At ChessDr, we have seen the impact a school chess league can have on your image. We can make you stand out!

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School Chess League Teachers

Have you ever wanted to start a chess club and have tournaments for your students, but you were too afraid because you didn't know how to play well or didn't know how to run a club? We will guide you and give you continual support to help you achieve your goals! Try us! It's free!

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School Chess League Start Up

Do you yearn for students in your area to compete in a school chess league? Would you like a proven chess league model you can run year-after-year? We will support you with computer tournament services, online registration forms, and all the phone/text/email support you need. Best of all, there is no charge to you!

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Shop for Chess Equipment

The Chess Dr. partners with American Chess Equipment to meet all of your gaming needs. ACE is the top custom vinyl board supplier in the nation.  They have the long term view of supplying chess clubs and organizations across the country with high quality goods at reasonable prices.

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"Bringing a group of elementary school kids to their 1st "official" tournament can cause some anxiety in them.  The Chess Dr. eased those concerns by running a well organized event with emphasis on good sportsmanship and having fun..."

-Daniel Acton
Ocoee (FL) Elementary School chess club coach

"...The kids were matched up with others of equal strength as much as possible so everyone had a chance to make some points for their team.  Communication with the parents was great, match-ups and results posted on site as well as sent electronically to coaches and sponsors..."

-Daniel Acton
Ocoee (FL) Elementary School chess club coach

"...Many, many certificates, medals and trophies were awarded to make the last round of the Gran Prix a highlight! Thank you Chess Dr. for making chess fun!  My kids can't wait to go back next year."

-Daniel Acton
Ocoee (FL) Elementary School chess club coach

"Chess Dr. provides a supportive opportunity for chess players at every level. The momentum that we gained from this tournament has contributed to a greater interest in our school's chess program and has led to a more focused path to development."

Nicholas Koebe
Passport School
Orlando, FL

"During the past school year, Zellwood Elementary was proud to host a number of Chess Dr. chess tournaments. This was a choice of pride for our students and their parents. It was wonderful for our students to have the opportunity to be able compete with students from our school district and schools from other areas. The matches were exciting and it was inspiring to see children of all ages engaged with and excited about critical thinking."

Frank Mattucci

Zellwood Elementary School
Zellwood, FL